About Us


Special Land Development (SLD) is a well-established and experienced Sydney based property development company with our own professional in-house construction business established solely to deliver our top-notched works. The integration of the company provide us with high standard quality control through all projects. We've built on solid ground and have grown substantially while still diligently maintaining core business values advocated by our CEO Kunjian Cui.

The Director brings together a diverse background in strategic areas including development, construction, engineering, finance, marketing and property experience from small to large scaled projects.

Our History

SLD runs a successful team that are highly professionals with skill sets across building, architectural design, engineering and project management. Apart from a dedicated development and construction team, SLD values the importance of engaging the necessary consultation from various professionals as required in fulfilling his business needs since the year 2014. .

SLD started with duplexes and townhouses projects in eastern suburbs and has now grown to undertake multi-storey residential apartments with the most recent 48 apartments project completed in Gosford. SLD is set to continue to grow in the Sydney market leveraging on its own construction team with the latest project underway ie. 67 mix residential and commercial development in western Sydney.


We develop beyond residential properties. We deliver to our customers the joy of living, the serenity of space and the place to interact with their family. A place for their children to grow. A place for them to rest and relax - A Dream Home.

We deliver beyond return of investment. We deliver to our customers a peace of mind, professionalism and ethics.

Most importantly, we deliver our projects with commitment.



We are dedicated to deliver quality products for customers and strive for continuous improvements. We are focused in our execution and act with instancy. In everything that we do, we do it well and efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

We are passionate to deliver excellent real estate development with value-added customer service. We strive to understand customer requirements and are responsive to our customer's needs to create an invaluable investment for them.


In all our perspectives, we commit to be fair, honest, ethical, responsible and accountable.

People & Respect

We treat each other with respect, and recognise that we can truly succeed as a team. We respect our shareholders and seek to accomplish lasting value for their investments. We treat our employees with care and help them grow. We are committed to openness, trust and respect in all that we do.


SLD is a progressive property developer that prides itself on its motivation, passion and commitment to deliver superior value in design, quality and service in developments to our customers.

Our vision is to become a recognised, preferred and respectable property developer in Australia. Recognised for who we are and how we deliver improved quality of life through excellence in design and construction.